By : Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja

Dear Friends and Contacts,

Below is a revealing exchange between Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of ADL. What is outrageous in ADL's response to Nader is what it conspicuously and deceitfully omits: not one word of condemnation of Israel's 37 year old OCCUPATION, CRIMES AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES against entire Palestinian populations (see Israel's Courage to Refuse site, their beautiful and honourable message) and illegal colonization of the very Palestinian lands (1/5 of original Palestine) that are supposed to form the "future Palestinian State". This criminal occupation condemned by numerous UN resolutions, but repeatedly vetoed by the US Government, has been obviously blocking any political settlement which the Palestinians and their leadership have been proposing for more than 24 years (read Noam Chomsky's "Fateful Triangle", Edward Said's "The Politics of Dispossession", David Hirst's "The Gun and the Olive Branch").

God bless Ralph Nader for his brave stand on this symbolic foreign policy issue, where Washington's official position has always distressingly favoured Israel, and for being an eloquent Ambassador of the beautiful and principled America that people everywhere continue to love and respect in spite of Bush and his evil neocon cabal . This America in spite of its limited financial means and although constantly ignored or sidelined by the so called Mainstream Media is growing in numbers.

Mr. Foxman misses a golden opportunity to show that he is not the personification of bigotry himself by expressing sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians abused, humiliated and segregated against on a daily basis, whilst their economic and social infrastructure is being systematically destroyed and their leaders assassinated by their Israeli occupiers and tormentors, under the leadership of his friend Sharon ,with the support of the Bush Administration..

Regretfully, with the increased concentration of print and TV media in a few hands, the so called mainstream media, with few exceptions, has become in recent years a relentless propaganda machine for this predatory New World Order with its fraudulent War on Terror, and the advancement of the hidden agendas particularly of the various lobbies guiding/supporting it: oil grabbing in Iraq, land grabbing in the Occupied Territories even at the cost of hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.

In the US and Europe, this New World Order's culture of blatant lies, greed and deceit has produced the speculative bubble at the expense of the real economy, and scandals like Enron, Worldcom, Kmart etc...all of which have destroyed millions of jobs and billions of dollars of pensions and savings of decent ordinary Americans, whilst 56000 new millionaires were created (Michael Moore's Stupid White Men") many thanks to false accounting, inflated results and misleading ratings etc....

This nauseating and frustrating state of affairs unless reversed will increasingly jeopardize the essence of western democracy and fundamental human values and render our services as citizens/voters irrelevant by preventing any meaningful opposition or criticism of Government policies that are immoral and/or illegal and in contrast with the wishes or the best interests of the majority of the population.

Ralph Nader is the only candidate who clearly offers you the opportunity (I urge you to visit his site if you have not done so already), if elected President, to reverse these neocon predatory wars abroad which are benefiting a greedy narrow elite at home whilst devastating the jobs, savings and social security of millions of American citizens.

By : Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja