Abu- Jihad - Hasan and Our Homeland
by : Dr. Faruq Mawasi - Poet from Palestine

Faruq Mawasi
Our friend Hasan
Told us stories about our homeland
Stories which are almost devoid of affliction
He used to tell me :
Our homeland means loyalty
To its mountains and meadows
Which flow with beauty and sublimity ,
The birds in our homeland
Sing in our language ,
The plants in our homeland
Renew themselves
With our footsteps
Our land, our heart beats
Our drink, our love
Our life and death
And the resonance of our sound
Make me all realize
That the gloom
Pervading our homeland
Will clear away, leave no trace .

Our friend Abu-Jihad
Used to stroll in the meadows of our land proudly
When the spikes argued with our plains
Melodies and jingles sang sadly
Have they faced death ?
Or suffered from loss
In the round of the Octopus
Which stretched the threads of death ?
Abu-Jihad replied:
Havenít you heard
The echo of our sound
Traveling through the land ?
There upon two eyes
Embrace its sung melodies
Chanting a song of sacrifice
Havenít you seen him
Looking at his enemies with scorn ?

My teacher Hasan
Used to argue with the letters of life
Reverberating, with my life
I sacrifice our homeland
When a gleam of light
Sends some hope and delight
To mitigate a raging despair
In our age which has become despicable
He says: O Jerusalem!
The holiest of time and space
The echo repeats its echoes :
The holiest of time and space
The brows meet true to their commitment
This should not subdue
However ,it`s Prayer!