For the Editors at Arab Mail
By: John Mackesy

Dear Editors,
Thank you so much for publishing my reaction to Iraq civilian casualty photos, apology to the People of the Middle East and Three Step Plan for Peace. When I saw my article on your website it lifted a tremendous weight from my conscience. I know as an American I bear a heavy responsibility for the suffering inflicted on the People of the Middle East by my government's weapons and war profiteering. The American People have a bitter pill to swallow, the realization that the root cause of the rise of terrorism and 9/11 is the American government selling and shipping weapons to dictators and power factions. Those weapons empower tyrants and cause great human slaughtering and suffering to helpless innocent people.
I feel my life's greatest accomplishment was writing the article you printed. It was very hard to write with that emotion. Yet it fills me with hope to think some people in the Middle east might read my words and think not all Americans are bad people.
I have two more pieces you may wish to consider publishing. I believe that to wake America's conscience, people must see graphic civilian casualty photographs. These images are not being shown on American media. People are not seeing what they must be confronted with. I suggest that opposition to this hideous and grotesque
war focus on two things, Nuremberg Principles Articles VI and VII and the civilian casualty photographs. Hold those Principles and pictures up like a mirror for Americans to see. The war is illegal and no words from any politician or General can justify the suffering evident in those pictures. Just concentrate on those Principles and photos. No other words are necessary.
My article "An Exponential Peace Plan" has just been published in a few newspapers and is posted on anti war and peace websites. I pass it around to people who all think the idea is great. '"Scales of Justice" is an editorial that shows the clear path that America is on by giving over to militarism. Just ask any historian
where the path of foreign military adventures of a corrupt Republic and overburdened empire ends. In no uncertain terms I wish to tell the world that the Iraq war and occupation is illegal and evil and to continue on this path only leads to great tragedy and horrific suffering for Americans. Americans can not get away with imperial military arrogance that violates International Law and they have a heavy burden on the Scales of Justice.

Thank you for your encouragement. Peace, Love and Hope, John

Brief Bio- John Mackesy- 58 years old, married, parent, Harvard College graduate '67, History major. Former mailman, businessman, teacher and coach. Currently Napa Valley California tour guide My father's family in Ireland was brutalized by occupying British soldiers [Thugs, he called them} who broke down the door in the night. So I am averse to paying taxes that finance such behavior in a distant land. My college roommate was a brilliant young man who died of "Multiple fragmentation wounds" in Vietnam. So I am opposed to wars that are sold with lies and exaggerations to the profit of military industrial corporations and political campaign financial war chests. I work night and day, to exhaustion against militarism.

Here is a Peace plan I am giving to people and posting on web sites. It is posted on Peace Please, and the editor thinks the idea is "Great and Strong"

  • Subject: An Exponential Peace Plan

  • The Iraq atrocity of the day is destroying the human spirit with horror, despair and pessimism. Here is a way out with two admissions and two actions. Admit that the Iraq War is illegal and that it was plotted and hatched with lies and deceptions, so it is evil in nature. Nuremberg Principles Articles VI and VII make it a Crime Against Peace and a Crime Against Humanity to "Conspire to Engage in, Wage or Be Complicit in the Waging of a War of Aggression." Admit that American taxpayers are individually and collectively responsible for financing the carnage and suffering caused by this illegal war.
    On the Internet, search and print the Nuremberg Principles. Search Iraq war civilian casualty photos on sites like Victims of War, or . See the pictures that are making Americans the most hated people in the world since Germans followed Hitler to war. From the thousands of heartbreaking images, select and print 10 that touch you deeply. Show your principles and pictures to 10 people. Say "Here is something you need to see and act against. We are responsible for this." The sight of what high explosive bombs they pay for are doing to innocent children should reach people. Tell them to follow their consciences, download the Nuremberg Principles and 10 photos, show them to 10 people and pass it on and on.
    Then take a stand with good people. Go to your Congress Person's local office with your principles and pictures and say with all your might. "THIS IS EVIL. WE DEMAND AN END TO THIS." Insist that Congress remove the war plotters before a "Major terrorist event" gives them cover to escape war crimes justice by declaring a State of Emergency and replacing Government by the People with Government by Decree.

    John Mackesy
    P O Box 55
    Middletown CA 95461

    It's interesting to read things from the American perspective
    Thank you very much , John Mackesy and keep the good work

    With My Best Regards

    A. Mansour