Every Body Counts
By : John Mackesy

Cynthia Keeler and Jilan Hassan had their adolescent years shattered by the power struggles of the grown up world. Twelve year old Cynthia is looking for answers. Her father was killed on 9/11. She posted an article on an Islamic website asking how some people of the Middle East consider the attackers of 9/11 as heros. Cynthia said “ I wanted some kind of closure to the pain I’m feeling. I wanted to know why one of their “heros” killed my father. How can a hero hurt so many people.?”

Fourteen year old Jilan had her world destroyed right in her face. Jilan and her four younger brothers and sister were in the back of a car driving home in Iraq. Jilan’s father and mother were in the front seat. Foreign soldiers opened fire on the car. Bullets paid for by every taxpayer to the U. S. Government blew her parents’ bodies apart and splattered the blood over six children in the back seat of the car. A reporter photographed the horror or the tragedy would have not been even noted as a statistic. The military policy is “We don’t do body counts.”

All taxpayers should look at those pictures and see what they are paying for.

Jilan was quoted recently saying “If it were up to me I’d kill the Americans and drink their blood” Whose sorrow do you think burns more, Cynthia’s or Jilan’s? Jilan must see that her parents did not just die for oil power greed.This young child must not carry a burden of hate her whole life. The only thing that will fill the void in Jilan’s soul is Justice.

Nuremberg Principles Articles VII and VII make it a Crime Against Peace and a Crime Against Humanity to Conspire to Engage in, Wage or Be Complicit in the waging of a War of Aggression. The Iraq war was plotted and hatched with lies and deceptions so it is evil in nature. The war was instigated because Bush browbeat and deceived the world into having a war. The death of Americans including Cynthia’s father on 9/11 was used as the justification to invade an oil rich country and the subsequent slaughter of thousands of innocent human beings in Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11.

The good people of the world need to stand united and tell Jilan “Every Body Counts” and each person’s life is important. Show Jilan that her parents do count. Demand Justice for Jilan and all others whose lives were destroyed in Bush’s war.

Americans have the responsibility to record the names and dates of birth and death of every one who was killed in this illegal war. Don’t you want humanity to stand for something? Show the world civilians are in charge. Insist that the United Nations do a body count. Don’t let no one be held responsible and the excuse for an illegal war be that the intelligence was “dead wrong.” There are over one hundred thousand people dead and that is wrong. Bush plotted and ordered a War of Aggression. He must answer for the victims to the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague.

Jilan should be allowed to face and accuse in court the one who is responsible over all others for the death of her parents. Jilan’s burning thirst for Justice will carry her on. The invasion of Iraq was illegal and the foreign soldiers had no right to be shooting people in her country. Jilan must see and hear Bush charged with the war crimes of Conspiring to Engage in and Waging a War of Aggression. Jilan be given the chance to say to the War Crimes Tribunal “My parents and over 100,000 of my people died violently because Bush incited an illegal war with deceptions and fabrications.” Jilan should be allowed to put the pictures of her brothers and sister covered in their parents’ blood right before Bush’s face for all the world to see. All good people should stand united and say to the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal “Justice for Jilan.”

Cynthia can only get peace from answering one question “Who made the 9/11 enemies for the American People?” The answer is the arms export industry and the federal government that approved distribution of weapons to dictators and power factions in the Middle East. America is a government of the people. Americans make enemies for themselves by weapons profiteering and malicious interference in other countries. What are the people of the rest of the world supposed to think? U.S. arms makers make billions of dollars exporting military weapons that cause conflict, oppression and great suffering to poor people. Americans pay taxes that give power to dictators in other countries and look away from the human misery their arms export business causes.

In the eyes of those suffering under the burden of the weapons industry, the world is letting them down with no hope.

Cynthia should ask herself why George Washington was considered a hero, what was he considered by the foreigners in power, and what would have happened to him if he had been captured. Closure for 9/11 must include an end to the export arms industry and a return to American soil of military personnel and equipment. It must include the judgment of Bush at the War Crimes Tribunal. The people of Iraq never did anything to the people of America to deserve over one hundred thousand people killed in a War of Aggression.

Cynthia’s and Jilan’s parents’ tragic deaths would have more meaning if their daughters’ broken hearts stirs the conscience of the world. This means the United Nations implementing means a Middle East peace free from foreign intervention and imposing a worldwide embargo on the export of weapons.

Foreigners have invaded Iraq to divide and conquer the country.

It is illegal under international law to hold an election in an occupied country. The Carter Center refused to monitor the elections because they could not be guaranteed as free and fair. The recent Iraq elections are widely believed to have been rigged to favor the occupiers. The Iraq elections were set up to divide the people and leave the elected officials dependent on the presence of foreign soldiers to keep power. The very act of Iraqis going into the foreigner’s Green Zone military fortress to meet and deal is collaborating with occupiers. Leaders who have to agree to foreign occupation to stay alive are in reality puppets of their foreign masters. All a government dependent on foreign soldiers will guarantee is sectarian fighting, repressive laws, arbitrary arrests and bigger torture prisons. The people of Iraq must see through the divide and rule goal of the occupiers and not let foreigners convince them that is a good thing to kill their own people. The occupiers must leave, not stay and be the cause of continuing mayhem and carnage.

Here is an outline that offers reasonable ways of preventing the Iraq people from fighting over oil money and disputes from unfair and corrupt elections

In Iraq, a cease fire is declared by the United Nations. All foreign soldiers and mercenaries leave Iraq. Then Iraqi people can relax and find real peace. The day the last foreign soldier leaves will be a day of great jubilation. For the future of their children the Iraq people should have a Day of Forgiveness of blood feuds and revenge killings, a day of absolutely wiping the slate clean. The Iraq people need to gather in peace, shake hands and throw their weapons on junk plies People of Iraq stop killing each other. Just sit down and everybody take it easy.

New open elections can be held when the soldiers and mercenaries are gone from Iraq. Let groups of 100 citizens of Iraq gather in peace, register and vote for a Representative. Let the people talk about the way they would make Iraq better, then vote for one Representative. It should be a paper ballot vote for one person to be the group’s representative. Votes are placed in a ballot box then each vote is held up for a public count. The chosen Representatives meet in groups of 100 and vote for a Representative, most votes wins, tie flip a coin. Continue the process until last 100 selected make up the Legislature. When it gets to the last hundred the one who gets the most votes is named Prime Minister for a year. The Iraq Bill of Rights should be premised on the principle “All citizens have the right to think for themselves.” Anyone who has been held in prison without being charged with a crime must be released.

The U.S. Government should give the amount of money it already spent and budgeted for the war as compensation to the people of Iraq. 50% of money should be paid out equally to all citizens of Iraq and 50% to compensate for people killed, maimed and crippled. All of Iraq’s future oil royalties should be paid 50% equally to all citizens, 25% to regional governments on a per capita basis and 25% to the Federal Government, primarily for health care.

The memory of Cynthia’s and Jilan’s parents will mean something more to those young girls if their personal tragedies bring peace and prevent more kids from such inconsolable suffering.

Americans must look in a mirror and answer with an open mind “Who made the 9/11 enemies for the American people?” Truth and peace must triumph over a War of Deceptions. Some day when it’s all over Cynthia and Jilan can meet in a spirit of friendship and have a nice cup of tea and console each other. With understanding and wisdom and forgiveness Cynthia will find closure and Jilan will find healing from her unspeakable grief. Justice, peace, love and hope are all that can ease their heartaches.

John Mackesy
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