"Scales of Justice"
By: John Mackesy

After World War 2, General Eisenhower ordered German civilians to tour the death camps and stare at piles of corpses and unearth mass graves to comprehend what they had let happen. This is the type of shock therapy Americans need to jump start their collective consciences. They need to see what they are financing, pictures of children with blown off limbs and faces, and mothers weeping in agony over kids covered in blood. You know this might be a last ditch hope. Maybe average Americans are so inured to violence that they might as well be chewing on popcorn, like at the movies. Nothing means anything to them any more and that is frightening. Even more it is sad, very, very sad.

I was in a meeting last month with 19 people that I knew were not in favor of the Iraq war. They were mostly young and college educated. Yet though I had just about begged them for a year and a half to do something, anything, not one had lifted a finger to stop the war. No one wrote a letter, called a talk show or gone to a peace march.

I had repeatedly recited Nuremberg Principles Articles VI and VII to them. It is a violation of International Law to "Conspire to Engage in, Wage or Be Complicit in the Waging of a War of Aggression." To finance with taxes an illegal war without protest is to be complicit in the waging of a War of Aggression. They all know it is wrong and that the war was plotted and hatched with lies and deceptions, and so it is evil in nature. Yet they didn't do anything to stop the slaughter of innocents. What can you say in the face of such indifference?

What should be Justice for a mother who knows the war is wrong and evil and does nothing? She is financing it with taxes and looking away from the suffering of the mothers of children killed by bombs made for profit in the USA. No matter how you look at it, there is a major roadblock ahead for Americans. It is called the Wall of Civilization. The bricks of the wall have "Nuremberg Principles " written on them. The Wall stands between human beings and the hundreds of millions of war corpses that caused those precious principles to be formulated. Upon the Wall of Civilization sits the Scales of Justice.

Visualize the Scales of Justice. One scale has a widow weeping over her husband's body and clutching the bloody corpse of an infant. On the other scale is an American woman, the comfortably Indifferent Mother. Here is someone who financed the Weeping Widow's agony and didn't lift a finger to stop it. The Weeping Widow points to the scale on the other side of the balance and says "Please take my pain and put it on her, she has done this to my child." "Please give me Justice. Give my pain to her." The Indifferent Mother is shielding her own child with her smile. She thinks she has always been a nice person and that should count in her favor. Well being nice doesn't add a mite to the scales. This is Justice, not a popularity contest. She has prayed for peace, but this is not about comforting herself or assuaging a deity. Her debt is to victims of her tax dollars. What form will Justice take to remove the Indifferent Mother's smile so she can know the agony of her counterweight? The Indifferent Mother sees the stump of a bloody hand pointing at her face. She hears a wailing voice "How could you look away from our suffering.? How could you look away?" "You knew it was wrong and you were responsible. How could you look away? How could you...?"

Now the smile disappears from the Indifferent Mother's face. She has an uneasy feeling like something is looming behind her and the ground beneath her feet is dropping away. Her eyes lose their brightness, she begins to quiver and tremble She loses control of her body and begins to shake and sob. "I knew" ''I knew" she admits, "What was I thinking, I knew it was wrong, oh someone please help me."

The voices continue relentlessly "How could you look away?" "How could you.. ?" "Please give me Justice." "I ACCUSE" ...... "I ACCUSE" "I ACCUSE" wails the Weeping Mother.The Indifferent Mother is seized with panic now as she begins to comprehend Justice and the enormity of the consequences for her apathy. "I am sorry, so sorry, please have mercy on my child" pleads the Indifferent Mother.
                                                      "'Mercy oh please have Mercy" "
                                                      "Justice, not mercy, Justice for the death of my loved ones..."
                                                      "How could you look away? How could you, how could you....?

Mercy is not my department. I am just an observer with a hard earned clear conscience. I see my friends in these images and will not be the Judge of them. You be the Judge. I know there is no excuse accepted for active indifference, an omission of responsibility to recognize and act against evil.

Think how precarious is the position of the Indifferent Mother and her countrymen who wallow in indifference.

All it would take is one big explosion, or bad computer day and the United States is toast. It is an open road to confusion, chaos and a permanent state of martial law in the perpetual War Against Terrorism. One bad day, that is all it would take to collapse America into a bloodbath of resistance and repression and a consolidation of power by the military. There are over four hundred million handguns in circulation in the United States. Think of the millions of heavily armed citizens with stored up weapons waiting for a time of reckoning with the Federal Government, vowed to fight Federal Troopers to the death.

The Generals have toe room in the Middle East and will, if history proceeds on its inevitable path, find wriggle room. To provide a taxpayer subsidized security guard force in the Middle East oil fields, they need a "Major terrorist event" like the Sinking of the Maine or Reichstag Fire. Like those unsolved mysteries, it doesn't matter who sets it off. It just takes finding an excuse to remove all civilian restraints and do it all the military way. This means mass conscriptions, major human slaughtering, and more shadowy terrorist enemies to justify squeezing every ounce of energy out of the underclass in an never ending War on Terrorism."You are with us or against us." The underclass of course is the non military and non party members.

1984 is unfolding and the people are frozen in disbelief at what is happening before their eyes. They look away as atrocity after atrocity is committed in the name of the American people and covered with words like democracy and freedom. They are sleepwalking to a strictly controlled future, hypnotized like the Germans under the gaze of Hitler. The path Americans are on is predictable, just ask any historian. It leads to collapse of a corrupt government and a domestic bloodbath with absolute order imposed by "Battle hardened veterans." After resistance is stomped out a totalitarian government will impose absolute order with iron fisted rule. This is enforced with a security camera on every street corner and bar code on every car. Everyone is a suspect. Travel restrictions are imposed with government approved minuscule gas rations except for the military and party members. A miserable future is forming for all those kids on the playgrounds. They all sense it coming, that's why so many think "What's the point?" It is all brought to you by the out of control Executive Branch of the United States Government.

Yet there is hope. Try this way... This is a new and improved way to the future. It starts with Americans opening their eyes to the civilian casualties of their illegal war. They should take the Nuremberg Principles and graphic civilian casualty photos to their Congress Person's local office and demand an end to this ongoing evil.

Congress should vote unanimous impeachment of the President, Vice President and Cabinet based on the Nuremberg Principles Articles VI and VII and the civilian casualty photographs. No words can justify that breach of International Law. Nothing can justify the evil forces that unleashed the suffering of an illegal war and slaughter of many thousands of civilians. The Admirals and Generals must be held accountable for their actions under International Law. The Generals recently gave the prime war plotters a standing ovation. With the military preparing the masses for the "Major terrorist event" latter day Bonapartes are whispering in the background egging the civilian War Plotters on. The Generals should be looking back over their shoulders nervously waiting for the light of truth to shine. They helped plot and hatch an illegal and evil war. The Top Brass need to be called to the Scales of Justice. The military leaders might think about having one of their one of their own replace the civilian at the top to escape facing Justice. Beware of clever Napoleons or aspiring and scheming Ceasers.

Think of a President all set up to sign a State of Emergency decree after a "Major terrorist event." There it is, total power, in the grasp of the United States Chief Executive and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The face of Hitler looms over the White House. I warn every one I can." Look at the evil this President has done.Beware of this deceiver." The second day of the Iraq war I saw a newspaper headline screaming "Blitz of Baghdad" and triumphant columns of smoke rising over a city. Just think how the propagandists used the word "Blitz" so proudly and the origin of that word.

If Americans want a decent future, they should look beyond the smart bomb blasts to the killed and maimed babies behind the visually entrancing bomb plumes. Americans must look at the civilian casualty pictures and see what they have done. They just need to leave Iraq. The Generals are fighting the bit of civilian control and chafing at restraint. They know the Republic is corrupt and ready to fall. All that militarists ever want is more of everything, resources and bodies to play POWER. There are reports of tension in the Pentagon between the Generals and their civilian overseers. By the standards of the Nuremberg Trials, some Generals might be looking at the gallows. If they do not have the Nuremberg Principle emblazoned in their minds, they should not be officers in the military. If they knew the Nuremberg Principles and went along with orders that were illegal under International Law, they should be scrutinized for War Crimes Justice. The charges are "Conspiring to engage in and waging a War of Aggression" and "Being complicit in the waging of a War of Aggression."

Congress should suspend the General Military leadership and appoint former President Jimmy Carter as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. He is trustworthy and will command respect in his Admiral's uniform. A military that refuses to count civilian casualties and allows the torture of helpless prisoners to the shame of Americans is an out of control military. Jimmy Carter can bring the military under control and return the troops all home to America where they belong. Have big parades for the returning soldiers to celebrate the Triumph and Victory of Peace and Truth over a war of deceptions. All Congress Members should stand on the steps of the Capitol and tell the world "I stand for the Nuremberg Principles." Then shout it out to the world, America. "WE STAND FOR THE NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES" .

John Mackesy
Middletown California U S A 707-987-2921