Reaction to Iraq civilian casualty photos and a Peace Plan
By: John Mackesy

I just viewed Iraq civilian casualty photos and my mind is screaming against these war crimes. How can the American people finance these atrocities? Americans need to see photos of what the high explosive bombs they pay for do to human bodies. I wept and am in agony, devastated.. I wrote a peace plan before seeing these pictures. If you feel it is worthy, please pass it around.
I am totally opposed to the heinous war and cruel occupation of Iraq. The people of the Middle East should know there are many Americans like me, working night and day to exhaustion against this evil enterprise It is oil greed cloaked as "Operation Iraqi Freedom." I must clear my conscience as a taxpayer in financing the Pentagon's ruthlessly efficient human slaughtering, terrorist creating military machine and shameful torture prisons. I apologize to the people of the Middle East for the suffering they endure because of American militarism. President Eisenhower warned the American people that the military industrial complex is the greatest danger to freedom and democracy. The political leaders are hand in pocket with military industrialists in weapons and war profiteering and looting hundreds of billions of dollars from the U. S. Treaury by speading carnage and creating human misery. From the bottom of my heart I apologize. I wrote a plan for peace through working with the United Nations and world opinion. I wrote this editorial to show the world not all Americans have gone over to swallowing lies, oil greed and imperial military arrogance. Most Americans are looking for 9/11 revenge, agonizingly indifferent or too lazy to lift a finger to stop what they know is wrong. To go along with evil is to be complicit with evil.
I am a tour guide in the Napa Valley in California and talk with people from all over the world. Most people beyond the U.S borders think the Iraq war is hideous, evil and greedy. The consensus is that the American and British military are slaughtering and terrorizing a foreign people for control of oil fields. Americans are becoming the most hated people in the world since the Germans followed Hitler to war. The Iraq War was lost before it was started because it is evil in nature. The war was plotted and hatched with lies, exaggerations and confusing military propaganda that falsely linked Iraq to 9/11. Evidence indicates Saudi Arabian dissidents caused 9/11 because they were angry at Americans for selling weapons to the Saudi king. That king is an absolute tyrant who allows no political opposition. Human Rights Watch ranks Saudi Arabia at the bottom of the list with a secret police force as notorious as Stalin's. U.S. weapons sales give the Saud royal family power to enrich themselves in luxury and terrorize their countrymen into submission. But because of fabrications Iraq, not Saudi Arabia was turned into a bloodbath for revenge. This is lynching a crowd of innocent bystanders.
Recent events in Fallujah and military torture prisons threaten to escalate the violence and inflame the world in perpetual conflict. Think of the picture this militarism presents to the people of the world. Helicopter gunships, rockets, tanks and artillery were used against Fallujah. Foreign media show the images not shown on American television, streets littered with corpses of children and women in pools of blood from bombs made for profit in the USA. The military propaganda call those victims "Collateral damage." Peoples' doors are broken down and families terrorized in the night. Citizens are bound, blindfolded and hauled off in heavily guarded convoys and disappear into military prisons. Thousands of people have been imprisoned without being charged and held with no rights. The Red Cross estimates that 70-90% of the people arrested are innocent of any crime. They are be taken from their families by force and degraded, humiliated and made to suffer indefinitely because one human, the U.S. President desperately wanted to have a war. To "Pacify" Iraq means to terrorize the people into submission to the vagaries of the United States President. This is the hallmark of a tyrant and a shame to a free people. Demand resignation or impeachment.
A military that refuses to count civilian casualties and allows helpless prisoners to be tormented and tortured is an out of control military. By refusing to count civilian casualties in Iraq the Generals are showing extreme contempt for human life and all that is decent in the world. The invaders of Iraq must be required to submit a full accounting of all casualties to the United Nations. This list should include the names and ages of those killed, the type of wounds and disabilities and the medical treatment needed, such as prostheses for limbs amputated from shrapnel wounds, wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids. Here is a proposal for a Common Sense Cease Fire. The Secretary General of the United Nations should call an Emergency Session of the General Assembly. A Cease Fire is declared in Iraq for the purpose of ending the occupation and allowing the Iraq people to hold their own elections. Foreign soldiers go into their bases and prepare to leave. Iraqi people also gather at the bases. The foreign occupying soldiers and Iraqi Resistance fighters line up holding their unloaded rifles. One at a time, let soldiers and citizens face each other, throw their weapons down on a pile and shake hands. The soldiers say "Live in Peace", the Iraqi Citizens say "Leave in Peace." The soldiers get on planes and fly home. Iraqi citizens who discard weapons move to registration tables to register to vote in future elections. The Americans and British just need to leave Iraq. One thing is for sure, the Iraqi people don't need anyone else to tell them how to have an election. The registration forms include a pledge to not use violence for political purposes and to respect the right of all people to have their own religious beliefs. To keep power struggles minimized all future oil royalties should be paid to the Iraq National Treasury. Fifty percent of the royalties should go to useful public projects, schools, hospitals, libraries, parks and health programs. 50% of the oil revenues should be paid directly to all citizens of Iraq, divided up evenly. That way each Iraqi citizen has an economic interest in a peaceful future.

Once Peace has been declared, the General Assembly can establish Peace in the Middle East by insisting that nations that have flagrantly violated the Nuremberg Principles leave land conquered through Wars of Aggression. The Nuremberg Principles were formulated after World War 2 to protect people from aggression by militaristic nations. Articles VI and VII make it a Crime against Peace and a Crime Against Humanity to "Conspire to Engage in, Wage or Be Complicit in the Waging of a War of Aggression."
The horrendous carnage now occurring in the Middle East is a result of major breaches of the Nuremberg Principles. Many thousands of innocent people have been killed, maimed, blinded and crippled because of the fabrications, exaggerations and confusing military propaganda used to sell the Iraq War. Picture children screaming in agony with blood pouring from their ears, eardrums blown out from the concussion of made for profit bombs used in a War of Deceptions. That is what happens when International Law is ignored and violations flaunted. The Nuremberg Principles are like bricks in a Wall of Civilization that stands between human beings and hundreds of millions of war corpses that caused those precious principles to be established.

A Three Step Plan for Peace
The United Nations General Assembly declares that is apparent to the people of the world that the American and British governments have sold and given billions of dollars of weapons to dictators and political factions.Those military arms are used in power struggles that cause grief, suffering and misery to people throughout the world. This serves the interests of international oil and military industrial corporations and creates more terrorists in reaction. The military industrial complex creates terrorists then uses terrorism as the excuse to drain trillions of dollars of public funds to the military and the Terrorist-Security Industry. The corporations reward the politicians with campaign contributions. The whole process is corrupt and a disgrace to humanity.
A vote is called for in the General Assembly so the people of the world can demand an end to militarism and shame the military arrogance of nations that freely and flagrantly violate International Law.
1. It is resolved that the General Assembly vote that the American and British Governments remove all military personnel, close all military bases, remove all military equipment from the Middle East and return all warships to the Coastal Water Borders of the United States and Britain.
2. It is resolved that the State of Israel return all territory seized by Wars of Aggression and that the United Nations reestablish the exact borders that were created when the state of Israel was authorized by the United Nations. It is resolved that the State of Israel allow United Nations weapons inspectors to examine, record and monitor all nuclear weapons stockpiles. In a world where one big explosion could throw the world into chaos, a military nightmare, martial law and surveillance state, clandestine nuclear arms programs represent the greatest danger to the future of humanity.
3. It is recognized that the military arms industry is the greatest cause of unnecessary suffering in the world. It is recognized that the Permanent Member States of the Security Council of the United Nations are the greatest exporters of weapons in the world. From the Middle East, to Sudan, Somalia and Rwanda in Africa, Central and South America and Asia, millions of innocent civilians have been slaughtered, maimed and had lives destroyed by weapons made for profit in The United States, France, Britain, the Soviet Union and China. It is resolved by the General Assembly of Nations that an absolute embargo on the export of weapons be declared. It is resolved that any nation that exports military weapons not be allowed to sit on the Security Council. To do so is the ultimate conflict of interest and an act of cynicism and hypocrisy.
If international organizations can outlaw whaling to save marine mammals and ban the ivory trade to save elephants, they can ban the export weapons trade that results in the slaughter of human beings. This is not much to ask of the United Nations. It is time for the people of the world to keep the military industrial complex and governments that flagrantly violate the Nuremberg Principles from destroying any hope of peace for humanity.
When the Three Step Peace plan is put before the General Assembly, ask that delegates call families to tell the stories of their loved ones killed and maimed and lives destroyed by weapons manufactured outside the borders of their countries. Just think of what people from Ethiopia, Rwanda and Congo, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and the Middle East will have to say. Let each delegate describe how their country has been ravaged by a War of Aggression and the great suffering, misery and poverty it caused the poor people caught in power struggles.
I hope you will consider my plan. It can work. Mobilize world opinion and go through the General Assembly. I meet tourists from all over the world. Most people think the war is about greed for oil, money and power and all based on a bunch of lies. If the human experience means anything, truth will triumph over deceptions and good people will support a peace plan that offers real Hope.
As I toast to people on tour from Nova Scotia, Scotland, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Finland, Norway, Austria, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala , Mexico, Chile, Australia, Japan, Korea ,San Francisco, Boston, Jerusalem, Paris, London, Dublin, Rio and everywhere else on the planet '"Here is to Peace in the world. May there be Peace in the World." What is greatest about America is that I am allowed to write my beliefs about the U S Government and send my views around the world. I wish that Freedom and a spirit of Peace, Love and Hope to the people of the Middle East and everywhere else in the world.

Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully and Sincerely,
John Mackesy
Middletown California U S A 707-987-2921