Open letter to Mister George W. Bush

From M. Suleiman

Dear Mr. President,

History cannot be retroactively influenced by counter claims in the aftermath!. It is, however, a fact, that oppression and injustice unleash tension and reaction as we see now in our world! The relationship between the Arabs and the USA has run now into difficulties, misunderstanding and distrust. Since the first and second world war, the globe had become like a jungle, better to say, like a football field, where you (the USA) had become the main player and referee. The Arabs, however, were the kick ball! They could not even join the game as other spectators. In the world jungle, you were the lion, while the Arabs became the sheep. Despite this fact, we still both have a common problem and an adversary. This problem may become a dangerous pitfall for both of us and may turn even the lion of the forest in a tame animal, loafing around the trainer, who is indeed the main problem. It is the watch dogs and the folks cattle look after. Those bunches of rowdies are exactly those rulers in the most of the Arab countries, who are betraying their people and you, causing insurmountable problems and setbacks. The folk cattle are getting always weaker, no food, no water, not even air is available. At the other side, snatch dogs are getting always fatter and are idiots and top selfish, getting very old, without pawns and biting teeth! Simultaneously, they continue to damage your (USA) reputation and credibility.

Mr. President,

We are not concerned or annoyed to see you (the USA) becoming the super world power nr. one and the crushing might on this earth as long as we can deal with each other as equal human beings. We are not at all endeavouring to rob, disturb, or trouble any body. On the contrary, we are stretching our hand for conciliation and counter respect. We would like to clear all differences through dialogue and mutual understanding! . All we are asking you for, Mr. President is to stand up to your pledge to insure, that democracy and freedom will solidly take place in our Middle Eastern Countries. That is now a common standard and rule world wide and is not a miracle or impossible. Fortunately, you are declaring often, that this is now your intention and you are very strict and serious about it as you say!
It will be a great thing, if you pull the carpet from under the feet of those who are, yours and ours source of trouble, mainly the corrupt, tricky and waste rulers in most of the Arab countries. The cask is indeed full and the situation is becoming intolerable. Those naughty creatures are destroying our countries and future! They even dare to claim, that they are doing their irresponsible deeds in your name, Mr. Bush, and maintain the claim, that they have your custody and protection.!! Only these rulers had built a personal cult of worship for themselves and their descendants after tyranny else where vanished. There sweep out is overdue and your endeavour for a change, Mr. President, comes in the right time, in the right place and is a historical accomplishment if implemented . It is hoped, that you will not disappoint people and that the camel will not give birth to a mouse. As they say in the Arab world when there is a much crying for a little wool. Once we are relieved and freed from those “false gods on earth” , we will be self ruling nations and we will have no problems what so ever, neither with you nor with any nation else, Just like the USA and Europe are now practising their life in democracy, freedom and peace; so will those in the Arab world do bringing all differences to be settled in cooperative and mutual manner? That is why we hope, that you stand to your word and deliver the promise for a real change, not a cosmetic one or in a bluffing style, just like what happened in Libyan . Egypt had sunk in misery, poverty ignorance and corruption! And after 30 years of dictatorship and mismanagement, the ruler has lost completely his since and wants to fabricate a new election ala 99; 99% results in his favour and inherit the reign and country! Saying no to re-election or succession by ruler’s son is a dangerous adventure for Egyptians!!!!!! The Stone Age in the Arab peninsula must end in the interest of all of us! If change of all this takes really place, so you, Mr. President, will be remembered in the history as the man who protected and saved not only the interests of the USA, but also the humanity in the Middle East and world wide. With all the best wishes for you, Mr. President, while marching in this direction,

Very truly yours
M. Suleiman

PS: This letter on the same issue has been also shown in Arabic on the website