Alarming Situation in the Palestinian Country

By : M. Suleiman

Uprooting of life and environment is taking place without any restriction!
Yes, an incredible mass suffering and uprooting of almost of every existence available ,is taking place against the Palestinians in their usurped homeland and seems to be tolerated by the whole western world.!!
Facts and records are reminding of the worst crimes that humanity has ever suffered.
Streets and infrastructure, houses and farmlands have been levelled with the ground, thousands of Palestinians, including children, infants, pregnant women, elderly, yes even their hens and dogs have not been spared! The fact that these actions seem to be taken sporadically and at the Israeli soldiers’ convenience, does not leave a chance for any person to escape the cruel murder. Not only the tanks and bulldozers are on their feet, now even the helicopters are firing rockets from heaven to make any life a real hell.. This is more than disgraceful! It is unconscious just to destruct out of bad will and intentional only in order to destroy and harm the other striping him merciless out of all means of living !!Is that not a sin against all religions ??What about the ten Commandments which Moses revealed for the humanity ordering :not to kill ,not to harm, not to steal and never take over others belongings !!??
Yet it is always the hell which strikes the run away Palestinians whenever they make a hold to breath in or look around to see the where about of their children, elderly or to grasp some clothes to cover their nakedness.
The sceneries of the innocent victims, children, crying infants and the vast inhuman and total destruction of life did not trigger any response. What has been accomplished during a lifetime work is unrespected and seems not to be worth commented, even the dead and the injured could not gain any attention, neither from the collaborating Arab neighbours ,where Egypt’s Mubark ranks at the top, nor from world organizations, who were silently watching. other areas of conflict and tension like Sudan, Ukraine or the nationalization of an oil concern in Russia seem to have been used to divert the attention and thus let media not monitor the facts in Palestine!
Periodical - the western media keep hailing Sharon, Peres and Co. as men for peace.
Perhaps the pro Israel one sided media will even manage to sell the grey wall amid the heart of Palestinian land as a modern Worship and Wailing Wall, although it reminds of situations in Germany that thank god have been overcome after long time suffer!!!
It only demonstrates the unchallenged might of the responsible, namely world’s most powerful nations and thier behind the scene figure’s influence, that they have been able to veil crimes that are parallel to history’s most shameless atrocities against the human race.

What a mockery, what a world of global terror are we living in?
Where a picture normally tells the whole story and is more clear than a thousand words, it has meanwhile become a very popular and quite normal sight for onlookers.!!
Such pictures do not only highlight the continuing hardships and the severest ever committed human rights abuses, which since ever facing the Palestinians as a result of not only the Israeli occupation but also the demolition and liquidation of a whole ethnic folk and nation.!! Seemingly with the blessing and help of the old and new colonizing powers in our new world
As a result of the Israeli occupation, Palestinians are constantly suffering and being deprived of their rights. Their confiscated possessions and homeland, will eventually result in a liquidation of a significant share of Abrahams descendants, namely the Palestinians !! . This is a state, where the separation wall cuts schools from children that thus have no chance for education, that would give them ability to understand that no problem can be solved with violence, a fact that they are experiencing every day on their own. A corresponding interaction of violence does not give the insight for any of the parties to comprehend, that without an entirely and revolutionary access to solve this problem, violence will only add up on both sides as a result.

I have contemplated but hesitated to send this letter to all western politicians, when I remembered their lack of reaction against the Israelis and their carelessness -needles to say their lack of courage- even to condemn the brutal desecrate actions against the holy nativity church of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem in the last year, I gave up the attempt.

The Western politicians are facing their live uncertainty due to the fact that the situation in their countries has been now bulldozed by the effects of new pattern of a prevailing economical globalisation where till now no body knows how to master it !!

People here may be just appeased by continuing to think that they belong to the chosen white race and their politicians are playing with the feelings and emotions of the masses trying to tell them they always know better if put to gear the affairs. No matter, what scandals the prominent figures of them have and they never get enough out of their high paid occupation but always want even more from many companies they once served in.!!!

The responsible ones, if pushed to comment on such high rocketing atrocities may tell you
In a lapidary form: “We have asked both sides (where in fact there is only one side committing far reaching atrocities) to show restraint! Israel and Sharon have so a blanc cheque and free hand to go to the next genocide and so on and so on……..!

M. Suleiman
Alte Ziegelei 45
85080 Gaimersheim