Yasser Arafat, “Abu Ammar”

By : Mohamed S. Kamel *

Yasser Arafat, Abu Ammar, passed away after long life of fighting for the right of his people, for the identity of his people, Abu Ammar is a real Palestinian and a real human been, who committed all his life for the justice and real peace.

Arafat is the man who led his people from broken refugees to freedom fighters, we might disagree with him in some tactics in his long trip, but we never disrespect him and never disagree with him in the main goal, he was and will remain a symbol for the Palestinian dream, as Nehru, Nasser, Guevara, Mandela… The great people never die.

Arafat departure is a sad day for justice, but as he said before, “Arafat is not one man, Arafat is people” so great persons could passed away but his people will never die and will never knee.

As Abu Ammar was a man for justice and peace, his people will remain committed to the right of return, to the self-determination and to peace that built on real justice.

When Sharon and Bush opposed Arafat that means he is right! When Zionist and the extremist right wing are happy for his departure, it is a crown for him and his people.

While Arafat and Jerusalem both are symbols for the Palestinian identity, Zionism forces could be able to deny his body access to Jerusalem in life and death but his sol will remain there and his people will celebrate there very soon.

Our condolences is going out to ourselves first and to the entire peace and freedom lovers, to all Palestinian and Arab people, Muslim, Christian and Jewish.

May God Bless Abu Ammar and let his soul rest in peace, for sure we all miss him but we will great him in the day of return, the day of justice.

Mohamed S. Kamel, ing., President
Alternative Perspective Media/
Regarde Alternative Media (APM-RAM)