In the shadow Zahra Kazemi’s case,
justice remain a meaningless ward

Commentary by : Mohamed S. Kamel

First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Graham, the Canadian Foreign Affair, that he walk up and recognized that Canada could put pressure on countries that not full fill it is human and legal obligation, and let me congratulate at the same time Kazemi's son, Stephan Hachemi for his stand defending his Mother right for justice to rest in peace.
The issue is bigger than Mr. Graham recognizing that we have ambassador to Iran to recall or the murder of Zahra Kazemi, it is a matter of Justice, and justice could not be selective as we wish, and case by case, Justice is a collective stand.
Mr. Graham did not recognize that Canada had ambassador to USA when Maher Arrar deported illegal and against the international law to Syria, and did not recognize that we have an ambassador to Syria when they imprisoned and tortured Mr. Arra and Mr. Malky for months.
At the same time our Foreign Minister Mr. Graham said that Justice will not be done behind closed doors, we in Canada have 5 peoples in detention between a year and three and all of them behind bar under secret evidence, so he need observer to the court in Iran while the accused in Canada has no right to know the evidence against them! I hope that Mr. Graham has an ambassador in Ottawa to recall him.
Mr. Graham did not recognize that Canada had ambassador to USA while we still have people detained in Guantanamobay, justice there could be served behind close doors under no jurisdiction and under no law, observed only by Mr. Bush conscious.
Mr. Graham went far than this and his conscious walk up he found that there is something called the International Court of Justice. He said he would consider taking further action, including going to the International Court of Justice or even, economic sanctions, if Iran did not accept Canada’s call for justice.
That makes me wonder, is not the same court that condemn Israel apartheid wall few days ago, and Israel refuse to recognize the court, while it defying the international community and continue killing the Palestinians, occupying the land supported by USA and Canada.
All this bring to the table a huge question, why Iran and not USA? Why Iran and not Syria than? Why Iran and not Israel for more than 50 years?
For more than 50 years we never stand up to Israel for refusing to recognize UN resolutions, and quickly we react to false claims about Iraq, the same double standard is still applicable to Iran vs USA, Canada, and for sure Israel.
I think we are just appeasing USA plans and we are falling in the trap to help USA start the new Middle East war, we are not looking for justice, we are appeasing forces and war mongers.
Zahra Kazemi souls will not rest in peace buy finding the killer, her soul and others’ souls will rest in peace by applying justice, a ward will remain meaningless unless we, people, stand for the all justice not the selective justice.

Mohamed S. Kamel
Freelance writer, Montréal, Canada
(514) 863-9202