Your government position from the Palestinian land

By : Mohamed S. Kamel *

To the Minster of Immigration and citizenship
Mrs. Judy Sgro

In regard to the Palestinian Question, if I understand correct the Canadian Government official position is standing in full support to the UN resolutions that never recognize the Map that linked to the immigration minister webpage

“Go to then click on "Landscape and Climate".”

The link there is showing the all Palestinian land as “Israel”, this could not be a mistake; this only could be one of three possibilities:

  • A new official position of the Canadian Government! Or
  • An independent position of the Minstar of Immigration! Or
  • The Minster employees are working from there own head, not following the rules and no body
        follow up there work!

  • If the Canadian Government has change its position to the one state solution (one democratic state, one citizen one vote), it is welcome to pronounce it, where many people among theme myself will be happy to support, but if this position means the recognize of the occupation of the entire Palestinian land, that means the Canadian Government did place itself with those whom are violating the international law.

    If it is not the case a correction should be done immediately with public official apologize to:

  • All Canadians that this government represents, because your Webpage did not
        represent their positions.
  • To the Palestinian people that this map is denying them their legitimate right.
  • To The UN because this map violated its resolutions.

  • A quick action is expected.

    cc.     Right Hon Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada,
             Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affaire,
             Alexa McDonough, NDP Critic for Foreign Affaire,

    Mohamed Sherif Kamel, ing.
    Montréal, Québec
    (514) 863-9202