Israel Mossad, uses Canadian Passport
in their criminal activities

Commentary by : Mohamed S. Kamel *

New Zealand, a country that respect itself, punished, Israel because their Mossad’s agent tried to steal passport for criminal activities, but Canada did not while they already have our passport and enjoyed them, through the hundred of Zionist that filtrated our government up to the top ranks.
Again, and again, Israel Mossad, uses Canadian Passport in their criminal activities, last time was in Jordan when they used false passport to kill a leader of Palestinian organization, where they failed.
Are we going to recognize that we are an independent country, and we are not a state in George Bush dictatorship, we are not the saver of the criminal activities, are we going to respect ourselves and open an independent inquiry of the way our intelligence service work and its relation with the Mossad.
Canadian should know who abuse their Passport, and who abuse the entire system by using falls intelligent information to be used as secret evidence, and who are those agents? Are they the same that helping abusing and misusing the Canadian Passport?
This news and a question are directed to our Prime Minster, the Minister of foreign affair and to all MPs; Do we have an ambassador in Tel Aviv to recall? Or only in Tehran?
Another abuse by our media, why would the CBC and all Canadian news agency when reported on Israeli attempted violation of New Zealand's sovereignty refrained from reporting on Canadian investigation into related allegations of Israeli successful violation of Canadian sovereignty? Don't they view the alleged Israeli violation of Canadian sovereignty worthy of being reported to the Canadian public?

* Mohamed S. Kamel is a freelance writer from Montréal, Canada and the president of the Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM), a media group based in Montreal
(514) 863-9202