Even countries that did not support UN resolution, is obligated to apply it
Commentary by : Mohamed S. Kamel *

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) condemn Apartheid wall in West Bank, and in support of the ICJ decision demanding the scrap of this apartheid wall, many politician, non-Zionist, did support this decision and yesterday the UN General Assembly did overwhelmingly support this decision, 150 in favour, 6 opposed and 10 abstentions.
It is highly important to know who are those countries that opposing justice? There are government of countries that will never support justice because they represent injustice, USA, Australia, in addition to them; names no body could ever recognize Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, in addition to the criminal Israel, did you see any criminal before have a right to vote in his sentence?
Those 10 whom abstained form voting are a reminder of the people that lives on the margin, those people and government that do not have stand from crimes, and than complain about crimes, those are the non-respectable government of Uruguay, Cameroon, Tonga, Vanuatu, El Salvador, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Nauru and the Solomon Islands. Unfortunately stand with them Canada a country that lost its way and is moving step by step to align itself with the injustice ally of today.
UK, Italy and the so called Arab countries were sample of governments that could be move to the side of justice with simple people pressure not lobbies pressure.
I would like hear to show my disgusting feeling toward the Canadian government stand that is not anything but one of the serial of bowing to the Zionist lobby and the composition of the new government is the best prove.
As per the International law, countries that violate any of the International court decision or any of the General Assembly resolutions are violating the international law. Even if country did not support a resolution, it is still abiding by it and should apply it completely.

* Mohamed S. Kamel is a freelance writer from Montréal, Canada and the president of the Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM), a media group based in Montreal
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