[This has made me tremble] Rape in Bethlehem
Anthony Razook


My name is Anthony Razook, and I am writing to you tonight from Bethlehem, Palestine. The local time here is 9:49 pm. I came with some friends to the camp of the Antiochian Orthodox in the United States a few years back, and now I am writing to you in distress, to reach out for some help for our people in Palestine.

Last night, Israeli tanks and military personnel broke into our homes. They entered my sister's and her husband's home at around 2:30 am this morning. They proceeded to attack my sister, and one of the Israeli soldiers made immoral attacks on her, and violated her in more than one way.
My sister is (or was) 4 months pregnant, and for sure she has most likely lost the baby. When the Israeli soldier was finished violating her, two other army men did the same thing. When she refused and tried to fight them off, they beat her, mostly in her stomach, and when her husband Marwahn tried to stop them, he was shot three times in the back of the neck. This morning at around 5 in the morning he died from the wounds. When they eventually stopped violating my sister, they then threw her on the bed.

All of these horrible acts were witnessed by my sister's seven year old son, my nephew Michel.
After they had committed all these unspeakable atrocities against my sister, they then stole her jewelry, her money, and some other things. After that, they rampaged through her apartment.
This morning, she felt that she had a miscarriage. Moreover, those same soldiers came into our home, and we were blessed from God that my father had some cash on him (almost two thousand shekels) and he gave it to the soldiers. He even took gold from his own neck, from me, and from my younger sister and my mother, in order to persuade those soldiers to leave us be.

The soldiers, in Hebrew, (we understand Hebrew) told my father that his wife was too old and too unattractive for them to have intercourse with, and so - according to the soldiers - we should feel lucky!!! but then they had all shared the woman in the apartment next to my sister's.
At that point, my mother asked them to please allow us bring medicine for my sister, and to please help us remove the body of my brother-in-law from the apartment. But they would not, and my poor mother was so afraid to cry because of what had happened because they would kill us too.

Please, you must help us. We are being persecuted and there appears to be no end in sight. The government of your country (the US) does not allow you to find out the real news of what is really happening to our people. In Nablus, we received through cell phones that told us that over 86 women were raped and beaten, and many men - their husbands - have been killed when they are trying to stop those soldiers. Your government is standing and allowing this to happen. None of the Arabian countries are helping us? What can we do? Please help us! I must go now. It was gracious from God that the battery in my laptop was good enough to send u this email. I am afraid that I might not be able to read your responses! Please help us, please, send this email to anyone who cares to help the Christians - and Muslims - of Palestine. Please Help!!

I hope that I did reach your mind and heart for the benefit of peace and justice. May be we agree, may be not, but words have to reach everybody, this is what the point of view is all about.