American soldiers and fighting terrorism
Big terrorists in a kindergarten

After the war some American officers , who seemed to be trained on dealing with peoples , succeeded in establishing good relations with the local residents in one of the popular quarters in Baghdad. Palestinians are the main residents of this area which include a sport club , a kintergarden, a society for Palestinian women and a society for handicapped children.

Those officers began to offer some services to the residents . It was appreciated especially after the chaos which the Iraqi capital underwent after the war. Among those officers were captain Krikson, major Kefri, major ???? and others .

Suddenly after the arrival of another officer called Gabreal, tension overwhelmed the place. The locals believe that he is of “israeli” origin , because he speaks Arabic in an accent similar to the Arab Israelis. It seems that the residents were right . Shortly after his arrival this officer attacked the Palestinian quarter and destroyed its contents including the children toys and the computers. The attack which continued from 4:00pm to midnight created a state of horror among the men, women and children. In the next day the First Chivalry Division headed by Colonel Robert issued a statement saying that it has arrested what it described as " some big terrorists ".

The local residents commented ironically on the attack as saying that the Americans have found the big terrorists in a kindergarten.

We demand all organizations concerned to investigate this incident . Apart from reaching the truth the people aim at having another satisfying answer about the officer after whose arrival the attack took place .