By : Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
Florence April 7 2002
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Dear Mr. President,

Do you want another Sabra and Chatila massacre on your conscience before you STOP Sharon's military campaign of killings, destruction and terror against captive and disarmed Palestinian populations using American missiles, helicopters and weapons? As you know, the tragic irony of the current predicament of the Palestinians is that Oslo under US sponsorship imposed on them the right to light weapons only , in return for having eventually their own homeland living in peace with Israel! What did they get instead? A more cruel unforgiveable oppression and further colonization of their land, and now a criminal onslaught from the Israeli army with all the above US supplied weaponry!

With all due respect Mr. President , it is hardly credible that an American President, leader of the only superpower left has to plead? with Israel to do what the civilized world including numerous decent Israelis are expecting it to do: Israel should stop the massacre of innocent Palestinians and the oppression of entire populations in the occupied territories and withdraw its army to its borders. The path to security for Israel is ending the occupation and oppression of 3 million people subjected on a daily basis to shameful apartheid policies and human rights abuses, and its frequent aggression against Lebanon.

All people of goodwill , including many of our american friends (former military, foreign service officers, businessmen, journalists, church people, artists, academics etc..) and myself are hoping that your administration will at last realize the urgent need for a shift to a wiser and more balanced US policy in the Holy Lands that will truly lead to a real peace, not a passing ceasefire, between Israel and the Palestinians and 2 independent states living in peace and security with one another and with all other neighbouring states particularly Lebanon.

With best wishes.


Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
Florence, Italy