Who's behind the attack on the U.S.????

Dear friends,

Forget about all what the media is saying and let's think rationally together. Let's first agree that the attack on NY and DC was very well planned and organized by SMART people who knew how and where to hit in order to hurt! Then, let's follow the FBI investigation. Do you think that those smart people who planned the attack are SO STUPID to use their real names in booking the flight tickets and renting cars,..Etc. (all 18 names are of Muslims with Arabic origin)? Obviously, the answer is NO. Do you think that the attackers were so stupid to leave behind them cars and suit cases full of Arabic manuals and videotapes teaching how to fly commercial flights? Of course, the answer is NO. That leads us to the next question: Who is suffering the most after the victims' families and friends? Obviously, the answer is the Arab-Americans who are being harassed everywhere in the U.S. as well as Muslims and Arabs through out the world. Final question: Who did benefit the most from this crisis situation? The answer is: ISRAEL. First, the attack managed to unify all Americans and the whole world against Muslims/Arabs and Islam in general. Second, the attack managed to silences all voices asking Israel to stop their terrorism against the Palestinians. Third, the whole world got shocked with the attack leaving Israel free to torture Palestinians without anyone hearing or seeing or objecting!! If you add it all up, you'll see the hands of "al Mussed" the Israeli Intelligence Services behind the attack. They have the resources required to carry out such an attack and to cover it up with all those false leads. The question now is, would the FBI continue the investigation all the way to the end until they find the hands and minds behind the attack or are they going to stop upon identifying all those names of Arabs and link them to Bin-Laden and then rush to destroy Afghanistan? Unfortunately, the Americans have no willingness or appetite to discover anybody behind the attack other than Bin-Laden and the Islam (we didn't forget the investigation of Egyptair 990)! Now, how can we let the whole world think rationally that way and not jump to false conclusions?
Please help; forward this message together with your thoughts to all people through out the world.