Dr. Baker Abdel Munem, Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Canada General Delegation of Palestine

Asalmo Alikom Dr. Abdel Munem;

We the Canadian Muslim Forum are receiving each day with great anger the shocking news of the daily aggression against our people, children, sisters, and brothers in Palestine.
We cannot send any condolences for the passing away of any of those great Palestinian people, because we do believe that those people are the winner of the struggle in defending their right and their land.
Those martyrs and their family are living under the worst aggression of the century, this aggression that are going on for more then 50 years under the silence of all the world including many of their own blood Arabs and Muslims government.
In this very serious time of our existing history, we do underline our anger for the week position of our Canadian government, and our full support of our people in their straggle against the new nazi's regime the Zionism and their cooperator USA.
Please pass to our people in Palestine our support and pray to Allah to make the victory and the justice peace the result of their suffering in this very lengthy straggle.

Canadian Muslim Forum