If Zionism is not a racist movement, so what racism is ?
By: Mohamed Sherif Kamel

We did reach a point were USA and the Zionism can dictate anything on the world and every single country and person has to accept and follow, otherwise they would be punished and labeled as many thing include anti-seamiest.
Unfortunately that Canadian government did follow those two assaulting forces, and all this was in respond to most of the world support for condemning the Zionism movement and the action that Zionism try to develop to counter the seen by most of the world of the continued occupation of the Palestinian land and the continued aggression against the Palestinian people.
As soon as the world, start to walk up and debate in strength support the equality between the Zionism and the racism, the Zionism forces specially in North America started to attack every thing on the earth.
In days where the media able to twist everything and dictate to us false news and analysis as, "Israel defend itself against the Arab attacks to protect its settlements", sad to say that some of the people actually did bought those arguments even the Canadian government did.
In a world like this, any condemnation for the Zionism aggression and non-justice become not acceptable, and of course it is not acceptable for them to equalize Zionism with racism, but the final say could be is the definition of the racism and Zionism, so we could determine later if the Zionism us racism or not? First, racism is any movement that calls for the superiority of any race, religion, color, or language. Secondly, racism is any movement adopts the first definition and tries to achieve its goal using any means whatever the effect on the others. Thirdly, racism is any government, group of people, or organization that call in distinguish in the rights between the people based on their race, religion, color, or language.
Before we go far and try to see the similarities between the Zionism and these three definitions, we have to remember how Zionism been created.
Zionism movement been created in the end of the 19th century, from more then 120 years by a group led by "Theodor Herzl" in Switzerland. This movement generate and enforce the European hate towered Jews, because they did recognize that this movement is calling upon the superiority of the Jews. "Herzl" the founder called for the unity of the Jews to create their own exclusive country, suggestion been brought about (Uganda, Argentina or Palestine).
After great politically and financially pressure on the occupation forces of those days, France, Span, Portuguese, Netherlands, and Great Britain which accepted the idea and granted Jews the right of homeland in Palestine, under what know as Belfor declaration in 1917.
This idea of course built on a country with one pure race "Jews" and this could not be achieved without ethnic cleansing of the non-Jews from Palestine, and that is what happened then. That is why we are calling the Zionist movement is a racist as per the first definition that call for the superiority of a religion group above all other.
As per the second definition which is the means of achieving their goal, where they did terrorize and kill the population the main owners of the land, to be sure that they tens to zero in the land, they where not fully succeed in this but they did achieve a big part of it and still practicing the same means.
They did convince themselves of their right to own whatever their hand would touch.
That is what they are using to justify to themselves the occupation of the Arab's half of Palestine after the seas fire in 1947, and the continue occupation of the Arab's land occupied in 1967 .
That how they took all Palestine and even they are calling for the water sources in Lebanon and Goaln height, not forgetting the main slogan from the Nile west to the Forat east.
Regarding the third definition, they called for the right of all Jews from everywhere to immigrate to Palestine and to be granted the citizenship right away.
While denying this right to the original owner of this land, and even the Arabs whom stayed and consider to be Israeli have no right of ownership and been treated as second degree citizen in everything. Is this not a racist movement and ideology! In spite this, entire world remain silent and refuse to call it a racist movement. This silence for many reasons, among them the pressure from the Zionism and their control over the economical and the media outlet, in addition the western imperialism power is in need for a regional power that could control the middle east and punish the outspoken Arabs. They did occupy the land in 1967 and built modern cities "settlement" for Jews to encourage them to move over there, they gave them the resources as the water, and they armed them so they can terrorize the Arabs whom can not have even a nice night in a small tent.
Is it not a racist movement ?
If it is not so, what is the racism is all about ?
May be we did become blind !
"You can full some people some time but you cannot full all the people all the time"

Freelance writer
Mohamed Sherif Kamel