What do YOU want?
By: Mohamed S. Kamel

I think that everybody is looking for peace and justice, those two words do not have many interpretations. Every body have the right to live, to enjoy his life, and practice his religion, all over the years Jewish, Christians, and Muslims were able to live together in peace unless one try to force another to do things his way. No one of the three religions or the profits of the three religions have ever call for the destruction of ones another, but some people did.

To gain what so called Peace and justice, I see that the only possible realistic solution would be one state from the see to the river have all the three religions together respecting each other. No one of them is superior to the other, all of them enjoy their life, and practicing their religions and Jerusalem become the real holy land for everybody.

This could be the only solution on the earth or in the years after, we can choose!

I hope that I did reach your mind and heart for the benefit of peace and justice. May be we agree, may be not, but words have to reach everybody, this is what the point of view is all about.

Freelance writer
Mohamed Sherif Kamel