Drunk Leaderships
By: Mohamed S. Kamel

Is not strange to see this "Ralf Kline" the First Minster of Alberta, Canada, drunk person went out in the middle of the night and drop by a shelter to blame them for all the problems of Alberta, blaming them for not working and start through the many, condemning them of depending on the government assistant, then he left.

Dose any body can find any normal reason for this irresponsible acts? Thos poor people in the shelter did not answer him, but I will answer for them, it is neither acceptable nor reasonable to leave those people who cannot control themselves in front of the alcohol to lead us. He tried to relate this to a sickness case, and he will take care of himself but he is very fit to lead Alberta.

Ralf Kline is not strange in our world; many of the leaders, head of state who have sensitive positions are same as Mr. Kline but with different faces, those people who been used by the new world leadership.

There are many examples for this Ralf Kline, we will not go through all of them, but we will show some of these examples.

Yaltsen, the destroyer of the Soviet Union and Russia after; every body know his capacity of drinking, the president whom never wakeup, who defeat his opponent with alcohol and bribe, under the influence of the alcohol he surrender the second power in the world to the west, their first enemy.

Back to Canada where the famous story; the current Prime Minster of Quebec "Bernard Landry", he was the deputy PM of the team that tried to destroy Canada in 1992 referendum on the separation program. After they lost the referendum, he went drunk to the hotel down town Montreal and blamed an ethnic "non-French" worker in the hotel pointing to her as the reason of destroying the French dream of the separating Quebec.

His Boss at that time "Jacques Parizo" did the same thing at the same night in a public speech while he was drunk, and blamed the unionist for getting help from the rich and the ethnic group, both of them apologize latter but never resigned or kicked out by the people.

Many through the history sold their countries and their people for the sake of a drop of alcohol or whatever else, another example was an Egyptian king known as "Khidawy Ismael" who sell "Swiss Canal" to the British and the French to pay for the heavy expenses he loaded Egypt with in the late 19th . Others did surrender their country for their bride and the drugs, another was a president of the strongest countries, he left everything and enjoy in his pleasure with one of the workers.

All these should point to a very important point. Did we surrender our future to drunk and corrupted leaders, or do we care? We have the right to think many times and stop those from selling us with a drop of alcohol. Do we think that those people can lead us?

Know the time came to respond to Mr. Kline questions and his insult directed to the poor people in the shelter; why the are not working and looking for help from the government?

They are not working because people as Mr. Kline on the top of our system, because people like him became a toy in the hand of the controller of the new world, as they call it. Those people think that those on the shelters enjoy their life in the there, the real reason is the injustice in the world locally and international, where people through the food in the garbage and others can not find bread on their table.

Did any one try to think of the reason? Why we did reach this point? The answer is very clear, we are the reason, we did accept to let those people lead us, and we let those people to eat our body and to cash our future for their pocket. That is what going on in Argentina, where it will not be the first or the last, many of what is going on in Argentina directly related to our topic, and others not related and are very important.

The main point here; are we going to stop Ralf Kline and his similarities? On the other hand, will we surrender? If we did surrender, all of us will be resident in the shelters.

Mr. Kline and his similarities are the people who are leading us; I think all of us now are living in a big shelter controlled by the only force on the earth, and the blame us for every thing wrong on the earth.

We are irresponsible people, because we did accept that drunken people could lead us…! We have to congratulate those drunk and blame ourselves for our deep sleep, the entire world will become a real shelter and we will be at the doors of the bars asking them to feed us and our children, if there is food remained for us.

Freelance writer
Mohamed Sherif Kamel