Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pierre Pontbriand, Vice President

Mrs. Louise Dubois, Corporate Secretary and Director General, Strategic Planning

As Canadian I do not understand the motive behind your decision to postpone or cancel the exhibition of Arab-Canadian art that been prepared for five years, while at that time it is essential for all the community to show its tolerance, you did chose to be on the side of intolerance.

While people in United State suffer this horrific attack, non-responsible media outlet force all Arabs and Muslims to pay the price for act been committed by some individuals, it seems to be that you did decide to join these media outlets in destroying the image of the Arabs and Muslims.

As Canadian Muslim with strong Arabic roots, I do add my voice to all the Canadian Member of Parliament concerning your decision as NDP Leader Mrs. Alexa McDonough said:

"The Museum of Civilization has postponed a Canadian-Arab art exhibition at a time when this country is crying out for a greater understanding among different culture"

I understand that you do not support any of the irresponsible racist propaganda that start to manipulate our life, but your decision seem to be taken under the influence of these racist behaviour that try to drive our society out of its wonderful mosaic,

I hope that your decision would be revised and we all Canadian be together at the opening of this exhibition next month.

Mohamed S. Kamel

Mohamed S. Kamel