Shimon Asfar Settlement

  • Shimon Asfar Settlement.
  • Build on the land of the town Sair in the Southern Hebron Governorate.
  • Established by the Jewish millionaire Shimon Asfar and was named after him.
  • The settlement’s total population is no more than thirty settlers of wealthy Jews from Europe and the U.S.A.
  • The size of this settlement is 200 dunums stolen from the land belonging to the Palestinian town of Sair.
  • The settlement took control of the water resources in order to use the water to fill the swimming pool and the fish and swans raising artificial ponds. The 30-person settlement uses five times the amount of water used by the Palestinian town 20 thousand residents.
  • Every half-hour a bus arrives to this settlement to transport one or two settlers to or from Jerusalem. While the soldiers of Yahwa, imposes a strict blockade on the nearby Palestinian town, and does not allow any Palestinian cars to transport people to or from it.
  • A military post is assigned the duty of protecting those brutal 30 terrorists settlers in addition to a number of guards and a number of tanks.
  • The criminal residents of the settlement practice their hobby of shooting live bullets on the farmers of the Palestinian town in order to instill fear in their hearts, while laughing.